Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't have neither auxiliary (AUX), AV/RCA nor USB port, can I use it?
The 3.5mm AUX or AV/RCA port is necessary, and the USB port is not. The received stereo audio signal is send to the audio system via 3.5mm AUX or AV/RCA from Firefly. As for USB, Firefly is power through USB connector. If USB port is not available on your audio system, you can use the USB car / wall adapter instead for power supply.
What should I do if I don't have the auxiliary jack but only USB one in my car?
If your car audio system has either one of Media/AUX/AV/CD button, You can ask the repair shop to install one auxiliary jack, and connect Firefly with both AUX and USB jacks.
How does the auxiliary jack look like?
The auxiliary jack looks exactly the same as your headphone jack.
What should I do if my speaker comes with male AUX cable connector?
You will need to purchase an additional 3.5mm AUX female-to-female convertor to install Firefly on your speaker.
When The sounds is only come out from one side of car speaker, what should I do?
1.Please make sure the Firefly is properly plugged into the AUX jack
2.Please plug Firefly into another speakers to see if the same situation remains.
3.As this issue may be caused by improper specification of the receptacle, please try different devices on your speaker. If the same issue remains, please contact our customer service.
What should I do if my speaker keeps hissing?
As there are three sections rings in Firefly jack plug, please make sure that your Firefly is properly plugged to the bottom.
What should I do without USB jack? My audio system only have AUX jack, not the USB. What should I do?
The USB jack provides Firefly power for pairing connection with Bluetooth. You can use the USB jack on your stereo, wall adapteror car charger instead.
What is the proper specification for Firefly charger?
Firefly can be only supplied with 5V voltage, any non-5V voltage input may damage Firefly and product warranty will not be valid under this situation. The USB adapter you use may accept 110V/220V input or 12V for car, with 1A/2A/2.1A/2.4A/3.1A load current, BUT YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE T THE USB ADAPTER SUPPLIES STABLE 5V OUTPUT FOR FIREFLY.
What is the operating voltage and current for Firefly?
Firefly consumes only 20mA, and works only under 5V. The operating voltage of 12V, 110V, 220V can be accepted by Firefly with output 5V. The USB adapter you use may accept 110V/220V input or 12V for car, with 1A/2A/2.1A/2.4A/3.1A load current, BUT YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE T THE USB ADAPTER SUPPLIES STABLE 5V OUTPUT FOR FIREFLY.
What are the APPs that Firefly support?
Firefly supports all APPs including YouTube, KKbox, Spotify, etc.
Does Firefly work with navigation APPs, and can the voice guidance played through car audio system?
Yes, Firefly works with navigation APPs.
Does Firefly pause music playing when incoming calls?
Firefly will pause the music when incoming call. Incoming calls can be answered via smartphone or Bluetooth headphone, Firefly will switch the calls automatically to smartphone/Bluetooth headphone for phone
Is Firefly designed with microphone?
To protect your privacy, Firefly is not designed with microphone. Firefly will pause the music when incoming call and switch the calls directly to your phone or Bluetooth headphone. Music will resume after call ended.
Will Firefly notify me with notification sounds from my APPs?
Yes, Firefly will still notify you with notification sounds if notifications are working normally before connected.
Can I use power bank with Firefly?
Please use power banks with on/offswitch function. Firefly is designed with very low power consumption, and power banks without on/off switch may turn off automatically due to the low power consumption.
Does Firefly work with portable audio system?
Firefly works with any stereo with auxiliary jack. With one plug, Firefly will transform your audio system to wireless.
Does Firefly support the aptX?
As aptX is not supported by most mobile devices, Firefly does not support aptX. Instead, Firefly supports AAC and MP3, which is the high quality compression format adopted by most mobile devices.
Can I use the remote key on steering wheel to control Firefly?
The remote key on the steering wheel can only control the car built-in audio system. Firefly is an external device to transform audio system into wireless, so it can't be controlled by the remote keys on steering wheel.
Video frames and sound playback is not synchronized, what should I do?
Low latency Bluetooth, which cost a lot higher, is required for the video frames and sound playback to be synchronized. Firefly is designed mainly for music and audio streaming, slightly delay is normal as low latency is not supported by Firefly.
The audio is choppy when using Firefly, what should I do?
Please send the following information to our customer service, and we will reply you as soon as possible.
1. The label and operating system of your phone, including the OS version.
2. Your media player and audio format.
3. Does the same situation happens when you're playing with auxiliary cable.
Please send your information to
Can Firefly be self powered?
Firefly is designed to operate by external power via USB, and is not designed to supply power to others as well.
Is Firefly output power higher than mobile phone?
Firefly is a Bluetooth receiver with great audio compression technology and SRT. However, it only improves the quality and the actual output still depends on your mobile phone.
I hear the static sound when using Firefly on the car, what should I do?
Firefly is designed with noise filter, which allows it to filter static noise from most cars.
Please send the following information to our customer service, and we will reply you as soon as possible.
1. Your vehicle model and date of manufacture.
2. Whether you're using the built-in stereo, if not, please provide your stereo model and label.
3. You are using and built-in USB port or external USB charger? If you're using external USB charger, please provide the model and label of your USB charger.
Please send your information to .
What is the warranty coverage?
TUNAI offers a complete after-sales service with one-year warranty of the purchase date. Warranty does not cover accidental or deliberate damage, acts of god, damage incurred by incorrect use, overloading or not following manufacturer's instructions. Please contact with your dealer with purchase invoice or serial number.
Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number is on the last page of manual or on the bottom of packing box.